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Advice For Dealing With Your Snoring Problem

If you suffer from snoring and you smoke, consider quitting smoking. Smoking causes the tissues in your throat to become irritated, which in turn causes your throat to swell. Having a swollen throat can cause a lot of snoring.

TIP! If you are a smoker and you snore, you may want to consider quitting smoking. When you smoke, the tissues in the back of your throat can become irritated and when this happens, your throat can swell up.

You’re not alone with your snoring problem. Forty percent of men and twenty-five percent of women in the population are afflicted by snoring. Snoring becomes even more common as you age. If you are interested in reducing how often you snore, or helping a family member who has this condition, this article might just help.

Opening up your nasal passages can help to stop your snoring. The cause of your snoring may be due to a stuffed up nasal passageway. Use humidifiers, vapor rubs, steam showers or neti pots to clear the nose when you have a cold. You may want to consider using nasal strips as a means to opening up your nasal passageway, which allows you to breath easier.

TIP! Open nasal passages help reduce snoring. If your nose is clogged or swollen, you are more likely to snore.

It might seem a bit silly, but singing just might be a good solution for snoring. The reason is because you exercise your throat muscles when you sing, making them much stronger over time. You can reduce your snoring by having stronger throat muscles. Playing instruments, such as the trumpet, also builds stringer throat muscles.

When you are pregnant, you should talk to your doctor. immediately. if you snore constantly. While many pregnant women will begin to snore at some point due to the excess pressure, you need to be sure that your snoring issue does not deprive your baby of oxygen. Schedule an appointment with your doctor to protect your baby’s health.

TIP! If you are pregnant, and find yourself snoring, see your doctor as soon as possible. While it is very common for pregnant women to snore during their pregnancies, you should learn about how this problem can affect your baby and its oxygen levels.

Keep your body hydrated to reduce the likelihood of snoring. If you’re dehydrated, your nasal passage secretions are thicker and stickier, which can clog the airways and cause snoring. Aim for 10 or more cups of water or other caffeine-free beverages each day, to reduce the likelihood that you will snore.

Keep your head in an elevated position while sleeping to help lessen your snoring. Lay on a thick pillow, which will help support your head. Also, try using several pillows to prop your head up. With your head in this elevated position, you’ll be able to breathe better, which can diminish or eliminate your snoring.

TIP! Prop your head up so you can sleep easily instead of snoring. A thick, firm pillow offers extra support for your head and neck.

Allergies and other sources of congestion can contribute to snoring problems. Congestion causes the nasal cavities to contract, which may block the air resulting in snoring. There are many types of medicines that you can take to de-congest your body for a peaceful sleep.

Those people who are carrying excess weight, particularly around the neck, snore more than those who don’t. The excessive amount of fatty tissue that is surrounding windpipes of people that are overweight does not help the situation. If you’re overweight, consider losing weight. It will not only make you feel and look better, it will help you sleep better also.

Prescription Medicines

Avoid alcoholic beverages to minimize your snoring issues. Furthermore, it is a bad idea to use muscle relaxers, antihistamines and pain medications immediately before your bedtime. These types of items work to relax your muscles, and this will limit your air passages, causing you to snore more.

TIP! Don’t drink alcohol right before bed if you want to resolve snoring problems. Avoid antihistamines, tranquilizers and other sleeping pills at bedtime.

Talk to your doctor about prescription medicines that might cause you to snore. Some prescription medicines tend to cause snoring. Medicines like antihistamines, pain killers, muscle relaxers, and sleeping pills tend to relax your muscles, and one consequence can be a restricted airway. If your airway is reduced, you will snore.

Check out any medications you are on for potential causes of your snoring. Some medications dry nasal membranes which makes them swell and impede the flow of air. Other types of medication will sedate you to the point that your throat muscles give out, allowing your airway to collapse completely.

TIP! Find out if prescription medication you take might be causing your snoring. A few medicines dry out your nasal passages, resulting in inflammation and reduced airflow.

Nasal strips can be an excellent way to treat your snoring. The strips are similar in appearance to a Band-Aid. However, their function is very different. Nasal strips are created with the intention of opening your nasal passageways while you sleep. This can help to open the airways in your nose, reducing your snoring frequency.

If you eat smaller meals later in the day, your snoring will likely be reduced. A large meal close to bedtime fills up the stomach. This can cause your diaphragm to push against your throat, which can block your throat because of pressure. Constricted air flow and a throat that is narrow are among the primary reasons for snoring.

TIP! Consuming a smaller meal at dinnertime may lead to a reduction in snoring. Eating too much food, especially right before sleeping, causes the stomach to become full.

You can diminish your snoring by quitting smoking. If you just can’t give up that habit, try not smoking for a couple of hours before you go to bed. Smoking irritates your throat, which can cause your airways to narrow. Narrow airways encourage snoring; if you can quit smoking, your throat will not swell as often and snoring should be less of a problem for you.

To reduce the risk of snoring, don’t sleep on your back. If not sleeping on your back is an issue, you could always attach an item like a tennis ball to your nightwear. Being on that object will cause you discomfort, so you have to roll back over.

TIP! Don’t sleep on your back to prevent snoring. Attach something to the middle back of your shirt to ensure you don’t roll over onto your back.

Your pharmacist might be about to recommend a remedy for your snoring. There are several over-the-counter options available. There are various prescriptions, but OTC medications can work and save you money too. Many of these medications will reduce swelling, and therefore help with your snoring problem.

It’s a great old home remedy that has come in many forms over the centuries, but give the old tennis ball treatment a try. This special technique requires you to put a tennis ball behind your back; you can sew a special pocket on the shirt that you are wearing, or you can put the ball in a sock, then affix it behind your back. The tennis ball will help keep you from rolling over onto your back while you sleep. Once you grow accustomed to side sleeping, you can get rid of the tennis ball.

TIP! The tennis ball cure is popular with some. This interesting cure involves placing a tennis ball inside a sock and proceeding to pin it on your back at night.

Snoring can be an annoyance to both you and your partner. It has the possibility of becoming medically dangerous, depending on what the cause is. If you or someone you love snores, you need all the information you can get. Use the advice that you have learned from this article and appreciate more nights of quiet sleeping.

Treat your allergies to help stop snoring. Allergies left untreated often cause the nasal passages to swell, making you breathe through the mouth. These swelled nasal passages almost always cause snoring. There are many over the counter choices, or if your allergies are severe, see your doctor.

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